Road closures for the Smokie Mtns

6 Feb

via GSMNP (New Weather / Road Closure Protocols)

The “Ugly Stick” Firestarter

1 Jan

I often get messages on my YouTube channel, however, most are generally garbage, and it’s pretty rare that I even remember to go through them. However, my channel is set-up to automatically s…

Source: The “Ugly Stick” Firestarter

Hiking the Roan Highlands

24 Mar

Hiking the Roan Highlands.

Rhino Laces: First Look & Give Away!

8 Jun

Rhino Laces: First Look & Give Away!.

Ruta Locura Carbon Fiber Lid

19 Feb

Ruta Locura Carbon Fiber Lid.

Rock Gap to Deep Gap: Post Hike Gear Talk…

17 Jan

Rock Gap to Deep Gap: Post Hike Gear Talk….

Tents Vs. Hammocks

20 Jun

Tents Vs. Hammocks.